About Farinam FRM

Farinam FRM is an ambitious company, trying alwyas to be leader in the stone industry. It is by vocation, history and vision. Among the corporate values ​​we find growth, creativity, the sense of collaboration, to the supply of what is required on the international market, these are today the potential of the Farinam FRM offer, a guarantee of reliability and competence for any type of project...

Types of Mining Stones

Farinam FRM is committed to bringing the culture of marble as a culture of iranian quarries throughout the world and in the most prestigious places.

He wants to bring the message of the beauty of the material that nature offers us to realize the most important projects, promoting the concrete sense of value, elegance and excellence that marble brings in its use.

Presentations at Exhibitions



stone cutting

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Chain saw machines

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  • Cutting chain saws for cutting stone from mines as blocks
  • Quad Band Chain Saw Blocks
  • Radiant Saw